Jonah Lehrer: The roundup and reaction

The controversy over Jonah Lehrer’s reuse of his own work has grown throughout the week, raising questions about journalistic ethics surrounding plagiarism and threatening to do serious damage to Lehrer’s reputation.

So, what happened?

The story broke Tuesday morning when Jim Romenesko, on a reader tip, remarked on similarities between Lehrer’s New Yorker blog post, “Why Smart People Are Stupid,” and a Wall Street Journal article published last year.

Within several hours, concerned readers and journalists dug up other incidences of Lehrer recycling his own work. The Poynter Institute has compiled an extensive list of Lehrer’s alleged infractions. Investigators also discovered that unoriginal material made up large sections of Lehrer’s recent book, Imagine: How Creativity Workswhich is currently the New York Times’ #1 nonfiction bestsellerEric Champion also accuses Lehrer of plagiarizing Malcolm Gladwell, though Gladwell has denied that Lehrer’s reuse of a historical quote constitutes plagiarism.

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